Choosing the perfect wedding dress is just the first step in looking your best on your big day. The underwear that lies beneath that gown is equally important, especially if the dress is form-fitting or made of delicate fabrics.

Here’s a comprehensive guide tailored for New Zealand brides, focusing on the functional yet discreet choices in wedding underwear – They may not be the prettiest options… but trust us, they work!

Opt for Skin-Matching Shades

Skin tone matching underwear

When selecting your wedding underwear, go for shades that match your skin tone, rather than your gown. Even lighter shades like ivory can create an unwanted contrast when worn under a sheer or thin fabric. Consider seamless, all-in-one shapewear that starts beneath the bust for optimal fit and comfort. Reserve more decorative pieces for your wedding night.

Avoid Embellishments

Though a satin bow or lace edging may look lovely, it can become highly visible under your dress. A previous bride learned this the hard way when a decorative bow on her knickers became noticeable. In wedding underwear, simpler is often better.

The Utility of Fashion Tape

If your dress is backless, an adhesive bra with sticky sides could be a great option. Always test the stickiness beforehand to ensure it holds up throughout your special day. Some brides even add a bit of fashion tape to the inside of the cups as a failsafe measure.

Consider Underwear Adjustments

Much like you would alter your wedding dress, consider making adjustments to your bra for a perfect fit. Some brides have successfully customized their shapewear slips, adjusted the bra back, and even added extended straps for extra security.

Size Does Make a Difference

Selecting the correct size for your wedding underwear is crucial. While a size up can help prevent visible bulges, going too large could risk the underwear slipping at inopportune moments. It’s always good to double-check your sizing before making a final decision.

Be Thorough, Take Your Time

Rushed decisions often lead to regret. Take the time to try on various underwear options during your dress fittings. Use natural light to check for visible lines or shadows, and consider taking photos from multiple angles to scrutinize the fit.

The No-Underwear Option

If you find it challenging to select underwear that doesn’t show, consider opting for seamless shapewear tights and customizing them by removing the feet and part of the legs. If you don’t require support, going without underwear is a valid choice—just be prepared for varying weather conditions, particularly if you’re not wearing a bra.

Recommended Underwear Options for New Zealand Brides

Seamless Options

Supportive Shapewear

Strapless Bras

Fashion Tape

For Backless Dresses

If You Choose to Go Bra-Free

Your wedding underwear plays a pivotal role in how you look and feel in your wedding dress. By taking the time to select wisely, you’ll walk down the aisle with confidence and grace.


Struggling to find the perfect bra that offers both comfort and style? Understanding your unique breast shape can be a game-changer in your bra shopping experience when purchasing underwear, lingerie, and panties. This comprehensive guide delves into the most common breast shapes and the ideal bra styles to match.

The Journey to the Perfect Bra Starts with Your Shape

Each breast shape has its nuances, and knowing yours can be the key to unlocking unparalleled comfort and confidence. Let’s dive in, starting with the most common shapes.

Round Breasts

If your breasts are equally full at the top and bottom, you have round breasts. For this shape, a balconette bra or an underwire bra usually works best.

Our recommendation: Balconette Bra

Full-Figure Breasts

Full-figure breasts are similar to round breasts but need more support. Choose bras with a wider back band for optimal comfort.

Our recommendation: Full Cup or Push-Up Bras

Teardrop Breasts

Teardrop breasts are round but slightly less full at the top. These breasts are quite versatile and can wear a range of bra styles.

Our recommendation: Balconette or Bralette

Bell-Shaped Breasts

For those with bell-shaped breasts that are fuller at the bottom, a full cup bra offers the essential lift and support.

Our recommendation: Full Cup Bra

Relaxed Breasts

If you have lax tissue and your nipples point downward, your shape is termed as relaxed. Opt for a padded or push-up bra to give a lifted appearance.

Our recommendation: Padded or Push-Up Bra

Athletic Breasts

With less tissue and more muscle, athletic breasts often lack volume. A push-up bra is a great option for adding some curves.

Our recommendation: Push-Up Bra

Side-Set Breasts

If you notice a wider gap between your breasts, they are side-set. A plunge or balconette bra can help close the distance.

Our recommendation: Plunge or Balconette Bra

East-West Breasts

If your nipples point outward and your breasts sit more on the sides, you have East-West breasts. A padded or t-shirt bra works wonders for this shape.

Our recommendation: Padded or T-Shirt Bra

Asymmetrical Breasts

If one breast is slightly larger than the other, you have asymmetrical breasts. A padded bra with removable pads will help create a balanced look.

Our recommendation: Padded Bra

Final Thoughts

Understanding your breast shape is the first crucial step to finding your dream bra. Armed with this knowledge, you’re set for a smoother, more effective shopping experience. Explore our range of bras crafted to meet the unique needs of every woman.