Lovense Flexer


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It is a vaginal wear device which means you do not have to constantly hold it in your hands or sit on top of it.

Now, about Lovense Flexer- It is affordably priced, comes with a powerful motor, does not rumble but buzzes flawlessly, and is noisy- 48 dB when inserted and 63 dB when used superficially.

Personally, I prefer the Lush 3 over the Flexer, especially if you are looking to have some fun playing with a sex toy out in public. Check out our Lovense long distance guide for more information.

Now, take the lubricated Flexer and gently insert it into your vagina. The head is bulbous enough but it hits you only at a single place very much different from two-finger G-Spot rubbing which I like more.


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